AC7 is a robust and stable dual-band WiFi router dedicated for large houses with multiple rooms. It complies with the 5th generation of 802.11ac wave2 standard and boasts a concurrent dual-band throughput up to 1167 Mbps. It can perform lossless data transmission at the 5 GHz frequency band where interference is mild, so as to fully leverage every bit of your bandwidth. With the independent power amplifier, Beamforming+ technology, and 5 external 6dBi antennas, AC7 penetrates one more wall than ordinary routers. Powered by the robust CPU and the latest MU-MIMO technology, AC7 offers you fast and stable internet connection, and allows more clients for connecting. The user-friendly function of PPPoE account migration relives you of configuration when change router, offering you and your family speedy and smart wireless internet experience.

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Five powerful antennas for superior wall penetration capacity



6dBi wall-penetration antennas


More online clients


28nm high-performance chip


Easy setup &Smart lifestyles

Five 6dBi high-gain antennas for excellent wall penetration capacity

With five 6dBi high-gain omni-directional antennas, AC7 outperforms ordinary AC1200 routers with five 6dBi antennas over 50%* in terms of WiFi coverage, leading to higher wall penetration capacity.


External power amplifiers for fully expanded coverage

Powered by external power amplifiers, AC7 blankets your whole home with reliable WiFi.


Up to 1167Mbps of concurrent data rate ensures smooth playback of videos

AC7 is an AC1200 wireless dual-band router designed for larger households who have faster internet connections or multiple devices running real time services. It offers a combined dual-band wireless data rate up to 1167Mbps, an increase of 70%* on 300M/450M routers. With more bandwidth in more places in your home, you can enjoy uninterrupted playback of 4K streaming, gaming and so much more.

100 Mbps fiber ideal internet speed


Tenda AC7


Ordinary 300M/450M routing


*Above data comes from tests conducted in the Tenda laboratory.
The data may vary in different testing environment.


28nm high-performance chip for lag-free massive online games

Powered by the new generation of 28nm microchip, AC7 outshines ordinary router performance with 40nm chips in terms of performance, heating and stability. Enjoy more of the things you love fully uninterrupted.


MU-MIMO technology for fast simultaneous communication with multiple clients

Compliant with 802.11ac wave2 standard, AC7, with the latest MU-MIMO technology, can communicate with multiple clients simultaneously and offer fast internet connection.


PPPoE account migration for easy router replacement

Still frustrated when replacing your original router but forgetting your PPPoE dial-in credentials? And suffered the painstakingly configuration?
AC7 allows you to replicate PPPoE dial-in credentials simply by connecting the WAN port of your old router to the LAN port of AC7, freeing you from painstaking configuration steps.


Remote management with Tenda WiFi App to bring everything under your control

AC7 supports Cloud-based management. Tenda WiFi App allows you to control internet accessibility of your children and block unauthorized users with a single tap.


More unlimited more exciting

·Supports blacklist/whitelist to block unknown devices
· Supports IPTV for new video experience
·WiFi Schedule and sleeping mode for environmental life
· Guest network for higher network security
· Security Check keeps you updated on your router’s security status



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