4G Router 2 2.4G 150Mbps Wifi Lte Cpe Mobile Router Lan Port Support Sim Card Portable Wireless Router Wifi Router

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HUAWEI 4G Router B315 connections of up to 150 Mbps

Ethernet connections are no longer bottlenecks. The HUAWEI 4G Router B315 delivers maximum speeds of LTE CAT4 150 Mbps through its Gigabit Ethernet port.

Fast LTE CAT4 connections of up to 150 Mbps

Strong Wi-Fi coverage

The HUAWEI 4G Router B315’s enhanced Wi-Fi extends wireless coverage and eliminates dead corners. It offers wireless access for up to 32 devices.

Strong Wi-Fi coverage

Extreme versatility

The HUAWEI 4G Router B315 lets you connect using prepaid 4G SIM cards. It also features a USB 2.0 port for HDD, flash drives, network storage devices and printers.

Extreme versatility


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